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Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-10TP-1ADF

 65,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-2000D-1ADF

 69,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-2000DC-1ADF

 87,000 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-2000PB-1ADF

 87,000 inc. GST

Casio G-Shock
Casio Edifice – ECB-2000TP-1ADF

 82,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-30D-1ADF

 52,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-30D-2ADF

 52,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-30DC-1ADF

 65,000 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-30P-1ADF

 51,000 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-40D-1ADF

 52,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-40DB-1ADF

 57,000 inc. GST

Casio Edifice
Casio Edifice – ECB-40DC-1ADF

 64,500 inc. GST

Casio Edifice

Casio edifice watches- A must have for all men 

Casio’s EDIFICE watches collection for men replicates a discrete and diverse sense of style by providing men with the kind of features that are perfect and ultimately best for professional, simple, daily wear and weekend lifestyles.

 Casio watches speak for themselves. The collection speaks to upwardly, mobile men whose objectives lie anywhere from the boardroom of your office to the ballpark or any party. 

With a variety of aristocratic, sleek styles, and the ability of being water resistant, Casio’s EDIFICE Pakistan timepieces possess amazing features which comprises of multi-functional complex dials, world time, daily alarms, Bluetooth, GPS services, solar power and more. 

That small piece of the belt of the watches then men wear that is made with strong, durable and comfortable band materials of resin and stainless steel, each style displays an attractive, classy and a sophisticated look.

Price of Casio Edifice watches in Pakistan

Watches are nowadays a status symbol, besides from telling the time day and date edifice has upgraded its class to all new levels. 

Casio watches in Pakistan comes in the most reasonable prices which are suitable and pocket friendly.

Price of Casio edifice in Pakistan varies time to time due of many factor involved. Elegant Casio Edifice watches gives flawless results.