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Embrace the Smart Casual Look with Davidoff’s Watches and Matching Leather Products

Davidoff has been consistently admired for its long-lasting leather products, and the brand’s leather and metal watches are no exception.

With straps made from the finest materials, every watch guarantees the most comfortable fit. So comfortable, in fact, that it’s easy to forget it is even there.

Watches with leather straps have always been a classic for day-to-day wear, and their sophistication is only heightened when paired with the perfect belt and shoes.

For those who prefer a metal chain strap, Davidoff recommends these watches should always compliment the metal accents of other accessories, namely cufflinks and buckles, to maintain a clean and professional look.

Another customizable feature of any Davidoff watch is the choice of the color of the watch face. Why not choose to contrast the sleek hardware with a brighter interior? Not only will this make the watch unique but presents the wearer as someone who is not afraid to take subtle risks when it comes to completing a look.

Perhaps the best product to pair a Davidoff watch with would be the brand’s own wallet or cardholder. Made from the same Italian leather, there is no denying the watch-wallet duo is a match made in heaven.