Lacoste Frames – L2816-214-52

 21,250 inc. GST

Lacoste Frames – L2759-001-52

 17,425 inc. GST

Lacoste Frames – L2805-214-53

 20,400 inc. GST

Lacoste Sunglasses – L177S-001-57

 22,950 inc. GST

Lacoste Sunglasses – L177S-033-57

 15,500 inc. GST

Lacoste Sunglasses – L177SP-714-59

 27,625 inc. GST


Step Up Your Style & Give Yourself A Sporty Look With Lacoste Sunglasses

Lacoste sunglasses have come up with their brand new collection that can be ignored. With its new color collection and the sporty ergonomics yet retaining the elegance of the glasses.

The Lacoste Company was founded by René Lacoste (former tennis player) in 1993. The company is famous for selling cloth wear, sportswear, and perfumes and watches. The sharp green crocodile logo is embedded in the products.

What We Like About Lacoste Sunglasses?

The sunglasses are designed to act as the resistance to sunlight while playing sports. The body is made from high quality material to make it act more durable in high tension sports.

The frame of the glasses are designed in China and kept in a pack with a cleaning cloth and protective case. You are given the will to choose the lens type. There are variations of material including the blue light blocking lens.

The sunglasses are also suitable to wear in other places instead of sports. In the 21st century they are being employed as a trend in fashion. If you’re looking to step up your style and give yourself a sporty look then Lacoste sunglasses is the best pick for you.