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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren sunglasses exemplify the smart-casual look with a carefully curated collection of frames, lenses, and styles.

Ralph Lauren is committed to maintaining the classic Americana aesthetic that brought its sunglasses to international prominence.

Each of the company’s design teams delivers nothing short of the sunglasses we know and love today.

The collection of women’s sunglasses features the classic vintage butterfly shape, cat-eye, and more modern aviator shades, all of which feature the infamous metal arms that focus the attention on the bold design.

For men, the signature line has evolved from the days of the Pilot aviators, adding a more modern twist to capture the everyday yet stylish look.

Every pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses includes the gray or amber lens tint, adding a subtlety to the overall design of every piece of eyewear.

Customization includes incorporating polarized lenses to reduce glare and tinting the lenses with brown, green, or gray to make them unique to the wearer.