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Concord’s Updated Watch Design the Next Product On Everyone’s Wishlist?

Manufactured in Biel, Switzerland, Concord watches are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. With each watch having a quartz surface and elegant chain, there is no denying they can make any outfit look perfectly put together.

The first private label luxury watch brand to incorporate precious stones into its design, Concord has established itself as the brand to beat for anybody searching for their perfect watch.

A distinctive feature of Concord watches is the use of a metal chain to ensure a snug fit on the wrist. This serves as the perfect fashion accessory for those who require a functional piece that can be worn for any and every occasion.

Available in various face colors, Concord’s watches can be paired with virtually any article of clothing.

Having kept up with the latest trends since the company’s conception in 1915, the brand has come a long way from the days of binding watched using melted coins.

Their latest collection introduced a new era for Concord. The C2 chronograph is a revamped piece true to the Saratoga origin. This collection has elevated Concord timepieces to new heights through the updated signature coin design, making the brand a company to watch out for over the forthcoming years.