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Polaroid Frames – PDK006-8LZ/17-46

 5,500 inc. GST

Polaroid Frames – PDK006-8NU/17-46

 5,500 inc. GST

Polaroid Sunglasses – PDX8010C-DEMI

 10,000 inc. GST


Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid Eyewear is the original Polarized brand which has shifted the modes of fashion in sunglasses over the years. There have been many polarized sunglasses in the market but Polaroid keeps the best products for its customers.

It provides the basic features to the specs to keep it simple, fashionable and durable for long term use. It is designed to be flexible to fit the face and never lose the grip. The Batman movie’s new Bruce Wayne, Robert Pattinson is also found wearing the Polaroid sunglasses.

The manufacturer has coated it with a chemical filter that cuts glare. This prevents harmful rays from penetrating your eyes to maintain the decent sight in the eyes. They have also been designed to reduce glare from light-reflecting surfaces like water, glass or snow or any other light reflecting object.

Polaroid sunglasses come in handy when driving in the noon or playing outdoor sports. In the future, Polaroid has planned to provide better products to its customers. Today, people are looking for luxurious sunglasses at affordable prices. Polaroid sunglasses can be the best pick for you.