Cartier Sunglasses – T8200871

 184,450 inc. GST

Cartier Sunglasses – T8200888

 147,050 inc. GST

Cartier Sunglasses – T8200907

 143,225 inc. GST

Cartier Sunglasses – T8200940

 238,000 inc. GST

Cartier Sunglasses – T8200951

 169,150 inc. GST
Sale -30% CTW1529756


Cartier Watch – W1529756

 1,326,500 inc. GST
Sale -30% CTW6900651


Cartier Watch – W6900651

 2,796,500 inc. GST


Cartier Watches and Sunglasses – The World’s Leading Luxury Brand

Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, the brand has been synonymous with timeless elegance. After his sons established the brand internationally, Cartier was quickly named a favorite amongst the upper echelons of European royalty.

Today, the brand has expanded to include more than just some of the most stunning watches for men and women. Cartier’s central values include freedom, creativity, and excellence. It is this vision that has shaped the brand as a world-renowned luxury brand.

From jewelry and watches to sunglasses and fragrances, they created products that symbolize a fusion of ageless elegance. While their watches can be worn year-round and are ideal for any occasion, Cartier’s range of sunglasses is ideal for looking stylish during the summer months.