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Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200062

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200064

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200065

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200069

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200070

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200116

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200117

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200209

 89,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200214

 77,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200359

 79,500 inc. GST

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200376

 83,000 inc. GST

25200380_LRG_rgb_Profile copy
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Mens Watch – 25200380

 76,000 inc. GST


Find the perfect Fashion watches that fits your style at Lifestyle Collection

Watches are a status symbol. Lifestyle collection offers a wide variety of watches for men and watches for women in every design. With an exclusive variety of styles, vibrant and decent colors and sophisticated designs.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday watch where you want the watch to be waterproof and can be in use for a longer time period which helps you by telling you the date and the day and also helps you with GPS services, something for a special occasion where it identifies your class or you plan to gift your loved ones and you are looking for branded watches, you’ll find it all here.

Fitting exactly to your needs, Lifestyle collections offer luxury watches in Pakistan. We’ve got leather strap watches, stainless steel, mesh and silicone for whatever material suits you best and fulfils your needs.

You will find the best designs of watches, branded watches at the most reasonable price that will fit according to your needs, likes and dislikes here at Lifestyle collection.

Humans have learnt time sense for a very long passage of time now. Ever since then keeping the measure of time has been a dire need that produced clocks and watches not only for men but watches for women also.

Living in the modern age now stylish and luxury wrist watches for Men in Pakistan have become a fashion accessory and has a lot of other major benefits like the compass, GPS telling the worldwide time, Bluetooth connections, Thermometer, Solar power, Step tracker and what not along with a time keeping machine.

Branded watches have now become a fashion accessory

Lifestyle collections make exquisite luxury watches & branded watches and also make affordable watches for the masses.

Now that watches come in modern and exclusive designs they are not only a part of a person’s dress but watches have become a part of a person’s identity.

Watches for men and women in today’s present time have indeed become a necessity for everyone to maintain their daily schedule for the day. It is like a person in incomplete without a watch.

Well organized professionals keep a strict measure of time to maintain their daily lives and to catch up with their meetings and to keep track of everything that is important.

Luckily, you can find everything that you need now in a single branded watch. With all the features that a person requires. Men are usually very fond of watches that suit their style and personality.

One can easily tell what kind of a person is and what kind of style he carries by looking at a person’s watch.  Every person has a different choice while choosing the most appropriate watch. Nowadays, it is a necessity for a man and a woman to have a decent collection of fashion watches included in his wardrobe.

With so many varieties of watches that are being offered by Lifestyle collection for instance, automated watches, solar power luxury watches in Pakistan, steel watches, stainless steel watches and many other It has now become very easy for men and women both to find a suitable and their favorite watches in one platform.