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Looking For the Perfect Writing Instrument? Try Your Hand at Cross’ Perfect Pens, From Fountain Nibs To Ballpoint

For anyone who prefers handwritten notes to typed text, there is nothing more satisfying than the feel of the perfect pen gliding over paper. Cross is here to deliver just that.

The A.T. Cross company delivered the ideal writing instrument way back in 1846. It had revolutionized the pen industry before the end of the century – crafting the most elaborate ornate casing in both silver and gold.

Now available as both the classic fountain and ballpoint pens, Cross’ writing instruments aim to be the perfect tool for anyone who requires the sleekest handwritten document.

These pens write like every writer’s dream; the ink flows freely, and the nib remains polished no matter how many hours are spent hurriedly writing.

Worried about the pen skipping? Cross’ instruments can guarantee that this is a concern of the past. No matter how long the pen goes unused, gone are the days of frantically scribbling in a corner to get the ink to flow again.

Any pen novices may be unsure of which writing instrument is perfect for them, but there is no need to panic. Cross’ affordable pens come in various styles and grips, so anyone trying them out for the first time can adjust the pen to match their needs.