Movado Watch – 0607197


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Movado Watch – 0607400


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Movado Watch – MV0607447


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Movado Watch – MV3600585


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Movado Watch – MV3680029



Since 1881, Movado watches manufacture exquisite timepieces. As a result, we garnered world-renowned reputation for being attractive. We are durable, classy with minimal design. Our signature dot on the 12 ‘o’clock represents the sun at high noon. It is becoming a status symbol around the globe. So much so, fashionistas and collectors alike aspire to own this watch.

Our brand roots are in La-Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland, although we are an American watch-maker. All our watches are 100% swiss made and use premium materials. These include 316L stainless steel and diamonds. 3D textured dials, carbon fiber are also used. Our museum dial is iconic, therefore, one can recognize the design from afar. This is because of its simplistic round dot. Movado actually means “always in motion” in the language Esperanto. The name of many of the Movado series is in this language. As described below:

Movado Classic is the best-selling series with a slim structure. The sleek case is lightweight, therefore, it sits comfortably on the wrist. This complements the simple style. It represents extremely good value for money. Many models in this series are at the entry price level.

SE Series stands for Sports Edition. They are chunkier watches, as a result, are more suitable for heavier wrists. Every bracelet in the collection has a dot in each link, similar to the high noon dot in the dial. This gives a very unique look to the watch. The added mass of the watch certainly makes this series a head-turner.