Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Sunglasses – Can the Italian Brand Be Surpassed?

First launched by Giorgio Armani in 1988, these sunglasses are every Italian fashion lover’s dream. With Emporio Armani designed to cater to the younger and spunkier generation, the original Giorgio Armani sunglasses retain their timeless designs.

The brand is focused on introducing subtle yet modern takes on their classic sunglasses, including acetate and metal frames, to the collection. For anyone with a fondness for the clip-on design that shook the fashion world decades ago, they promises to keep that design going for as long as possible.

Each frame delivers comfort, and lightweight technology prevents the wearer from feeling the sunglasses are too heavy to stay on all day. The clip-on sunglasses make it possible to wear a specific frame no matter the weather. The sunglasses are available in both a standard and gradient tint, with the buyer choosing to purchase whichever suits their needs.

All sunglasses deliver a mirror finished, making the wearer look as polished as possible in Giorgio Armani’s signature accessory.