Edox Watch – 01602-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 10236-37RC-BUIR


Edox Watch – 10501-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 40002-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 40002-37R-AR


Edox Watch – 40101-37RC-BUIR


Edox Watch – 80500-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 83015-37R-BIR


Edox Watch – 85014-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 85021-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 85021-37R-BUIR


Edox Watch – 85021-37RM-BUIR


Edox Watch – 85300-37R-AIR


Edox Watch – 85300-37R-GIR



EDOX Watches – The Remarkable and Exceptional Timepieces

The meaning of the term Edox is the measuring of time in the Greek language. The brand was actually founded by a watchmaker named Christian Rüefli-Flury who was raised in Grenchen, Switzerland. In his wife, Pauline Flury’s 25th Birthday, 1884 he made a beautiful pocket watch and gifted it to his wife. She loved the watch so much that she encouraged her husband to start his own watch making company.

The Swiss watch making company is now standing tall and has celebrated more than 135 years in the watch making industry. With its innovative new designs and reliable water-resistant timepieces which the company is generally famed and known for, the company continues to thrive and reach heights of success.

The Brand has a Lot of amazing timepieces to offer for instance the remarkable timepieces that it offered like Delfin, Bluebird, and Geoscope. All of which are known for their water resistance. Edox also launched the first ever GMT watch the ‘Geoscope’.

A watch is indeed a status symbol of a man. It is like the wardrobe of a man is not completed without a good watch. Even if you are at any event, be it formal or casual the perfect Edox watch can be used anywhere and depicts a smart classy look.

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